Monday, August 13, 2012

Gender Reveal Party

Since finding out we were pregnant in early May, I've been planning a Gender Reveal Party. I wanted to share our big news with the entire family at the same time.

Kyle and I went to the ultrasound on Tuesday afternoon. I was so happy that he got a Tuesday afternoon off work and was able to come with me. We were so excited and happy to learn that our baby was healthy, developing normally, and so active! The baby was so active during our ultrasound that the tech asked if I had drank a coke prior to the test. I hadn't, although I admit I had eaten a chocolate chip cookie right beforehand.

And we were so excited to learn that Baby Gobel is a girl!

We even got to see the baby in 4D; so we got to see her little face. She looked so peaceful and may have been sucking on her thumb at one point. I think she even looked like one of our nephews. The tech gave us a DVD with our ultrasound on it, so we can watch the ultrasound and hear her heartbeat at home, anytime.

On Saturday, we had the whole family over to reveal the big news. I baked a cake and hid pink icing in the middle. I also made some mints and cookies. We also used the opportunity to celebrate Kyle's birthday, which happened to be the next day.

I had the family choose either a bow or a moustache to indicate whether they thought the baby was a boy or a girl.

Since there are so many boys in the family already, I wasn't surprised that most people chose a boy. All of Kyle's siblings, except for Lauren picked a boy!

Here's a picture of those who thought Baby Gobel was a girl, minus Zayden, who couldn't be bothered for a photo.

Both my dad and Pat said they just knew it was a girl!

Kyle and I weren't expecting any presents, but several thoughtful guests brought two gifts- one for a girl and one for a boy. We received a couple of sleepers, a blanket, some books, and giant bottles of shampoo, baby wash, and Desitin. The sweetest gift we received was from Zayden and Sawyer. Zayden picked out a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal for his new cousin. How sweet!

I think the family was thrilled to be having a girl. After six straight boys in the Gobel/Miller family, I think it was time for a girl myself!

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